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Board Member

Chamille “Cece” Adams’ journey into tech was unconventional. Though she’d always been drawn to computers as a young girl, often acting as her family’s technical support, she grew up with dreams of becoming a criminal prosecutor like Sam McCoy on Law and Order. Life had other designs and after spending time working in retail, sales/marketing, and customer service, in 2008, she found herself working with a little known customer relationship management tool called “Salesforce". While working as a support person, she fell in love with the tool and the impact it had on companies and customers. She quickly became a Salesforce Certified Administrator before leaving to pursue other interests and raise her firstborn child. 


In 2014, thanks to the help of Trailhead, Cece returned to the Salesforce Ecosystem as a Junior Business Analyst with a small partner. From there, she grew into a Business Analyst and then a Senior Business Analyst specializing in both Core Salesforce (Service and Sales Cloud) as well as niche areas such as CPQ, Marketing Cloud, and Field Service Lightning. In 2019, Cece transitioned to a new company where she grew her Senior Business Analyst skills and helmed projects for major clients including one of the world’s major landmarks. Her next move was to the former #1 Experience Cloud partner, where she learned more skills such as Experience Cloud and Platform Development, gained more certifications, and was promoted to a management role leading a team of 11 Platform Developers. After that company was acquired by a Fortune 500 company, Cece continued to lead her team until The Mothership (Salesforce) beamed her up in 2022 where she is now a Solution Architect. Throughout her journey, Cece has obtained 26 certifications in the Salesforce ecosystem, including 24 in Salesforce and 2 in Copado. 


Cece loves to give back to her Salesforce community, by volunteering with nonprofit organizations to help usher in the next generation of Salesforce Talent. In addition to volunteering with Merivis, the Pathfinder Program, and other organizations, Cece is a Trailblazer guide, spreading the gospel of Salesforce far and wide. She has been featured on a Salesforce Campfire Story as well, sharing her personal story in hopes to inspire others, particularly domestic violence survivors. She also loves to participate in walks for causes such as MS, participate in fair and safe elections as an Election Judge, and use her voice for advocacy wherever possible. She became involved with GEMS after learning more about the program and aligning with the vision of focusing on those who need support the most, women/nonbinary people of color with challenged backgrounds. 


“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” — Maya Angelou

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